Describe Heating Technique of a Beaker

The heating technique of a beaker is described below:

At first the beaker is washed properly using distill water and kept it on a clean paper placing on the table. Then the beaker is dried using hot air flow or keeping in an oven.


A tripod stand is kept on the Bunsen burner. Then necessary liquid or solution is taken in the beaker. Then the beaker with the solution is kept on the wire net placing on the tripod stand in the middle portion where the porcelain layers remain in the wire net. Opening the air controller of Bunsen burner and opening the gas switch fire is set on the gas burner. Controlling the gas, heating process is controlled. Always should be observed that the liquid taken in the beaker do not dry due to heating. Heating should by stop when there are few liquid in the beaker. After finishing the heating gas burner should be stopped. Then the beaker is cold slowly. After cooling the beaker, it is kept on the table by using a piece of cloth.