Describe Properties of Gold

Properties of Gold:

Physical properties

i) Gold is a lustrous yellow metal which melts at 1063°C to a green liquid and boils at 2610°C.

ii) It is the most malleable and ductile of all metals.

iii) It is a good conductor of heat and electricity.

Chemical properties

i) Gold is unaffected by dry or moist air or oxygen.

ii) Alkalies have no action on gold.

iii) With Aquaregia

Gold dissolves in aquaregia (3 parts of con.HCl + 1 part of con.HNO3) form Auric chloride.

2Au + 9 HCl + 3HNO3 → 2AuCl3 + 6H2O + 3NOCl (Auric chloride Nitrosyl chloride)

iv) With chlorine:

At 200°C, gold is readily attacked by chlorine forming auric chloride.

2Au + 3Cl2 → 2AuCl3