Disadvantages of Hiring Student Interns

Disadvantages of Hiring Student Interns

Disadvantages of Hiring Student Interns: 

Intern students are the potential future candidates for jobs. Most of the colleges and universities require the post graduate students to undergo three to six months internship program for completion of their degree. So, educational institutions as well as students are looking for some companies that provide the internship opportunity. Organizations can also derive some advantages and disadvantages from such program. By offering internship opportunity, our business can derive the following disadvantages:

(i) High rate of employee turnover: The major drawback of hiring student interns is the high rate of turnover. It is found that intern students, who have been hired either temporarily or permanently, leave their job more quickly than other employees do. Such employees usually accept the job offer as a means of getting ready for a better job elsewhere. Therefore, they leave the organization whenever they get the chance.

(ii) High training cost: Organization needs to incur significant cost for providing training to the intern students. Since they have no prior experience, they take time to lean, the organizational way of life. Such training brings little benefit for the organization as they leave their job very quickly.

(iii) Interns may feel disrespected: Other permanent employees in the company you ‘intern’ for, may not bother to get to know you very well, as you are only a temporary addition to the team. This can be rather disconcerting, but remember it is their issue, not yours.

(iv) Not fully professional: As they are fresh people in the new field they are not that professional yet. They need to be trained and taken care of. They need to tell at first, what to do and not to do. They are new so of course, they are unknown about the environment or the rules of the office.

(v) Compatibility problems: The fresh graduates may have the compatibility issues at first. As they are in a new environment they need to adjust and know new people. If the person is friendly then it won’t be much of a problem. But if the person is an introvert one then they will feel uncomfortable around other people and may complain a lot. This will create a lot of problems between the employer and the employee.