Eco-system of Paddy Field

Due to cultivation, manure and irrigation the fertility of the land is increased. Paddy is the main plant of paddy field. Besides this there grow grass and many other weeds. They are the producers of the eco-system. Different types of insects infect the paddy. They are the primary consumers. Toad and different birds lives on the insect, snake lives on toad, the predator birds lives on small birds. When they die the saprophytic insect (ant, larvae of flies) and bird (crow, vulture) eat them. Besides these different types of bacteria and virus decomposes the dead bodies of plants and animals into organic compounds. In this way the eco-system of paddy field is formed. Their analysis is found in the following list.


Producer: Paddy, grass and weeds.

Primary consumer: Insect and worm, cow, goat.

Secondary consumer: Toad, Insect eating birds, Man (man eats cow and goat).

Tertiary consumer: Snake, predatory birds.

Decomposer: Bacteria, fungi, saprophytic animals (crow, vulture, jackle).