What is Amoeba?

Amoeba proteus is a simple one celled animal. It is so small in size that it cannot be seen clearly without a microscope. Amoeba is an excellent example of Subkingdom Protozoa, Kingdom Protista or Protoctista. Though they are members of protista at present, they are discussed with animal. Following that tradition, they will be discussed along with. the living beings. Though the body of Amoeba is formed of a single cell, the functioning of this cell is not so simple. Within the cell of Amoeba, many physiological functions like respiration, nutrition, reproduction, excretion, stimulation etc. are performed.


Habit and Habitat: Amoeba is found throughout the world. It lives in pond, river, and other freshwater pools. Soft wet soil, leaves and stems of aquatic plants or any hard surface may harbour Amoeba, It is a free living animal. By producing finger like pseudopodia they move and intake their food.