Describe Major Eco-systems

Describe Major Eco-systems

According to the environment, the ecosystem is divided into two parts, one Terrestrial Eco-system and the other one is Aquatic Eco-systems.

The Environment of a place depends on the topography, weather and climate of that place. The animals or plants of a particular region are dependent on some natural characteristics such as nature of soil, rivers, deserts, hills, mountains, climate etc.

Major Eco-systems of the World Biomes

1. Terrestrial Eco-systems:

There are different types of terrestrial eco-system in different parts of the earth surface due to the difference of rainfall, temperature, wind flow etc. There are many differences in the ecology of the agricultural land, grassland, desert and forest. Instead, there are differences in the ecology of mountain, hill, plain land, cold area, temperate area and tropical area.

2. Aquatic Eco-systems:

Most of the water on our planet is in the oceans that cover 71 percent of Earth’s surface. Less than 1 percent of all the water is considered freshwater, and most of that is frozen in the polar ice caps. The two main types of aquatic ecosystems are marine ecosystems and freshwater ecosystems.

Aquatic Ecosystem: Aquatic eco-system is divided into three categories. (1) Pond ecosystem (2) River ecosystem and (3) Marine ecosystem.