Inter Relation of the Environmental Components and their Inter Dependence

Inter Relation of the Environmental Components and their Inter Dependence

Inter Relation of the Environmental Components and their Inter Dependence.

The relation and interactions between living and non living objects are continuously going on. Even in plants and animals this interaction is happening within the environment. They are dependent on each other for survival.

We know, whale is the biggest animal of the world and the smallest one is bacteria. All the organisms, from the biggest to the smallest ones, are interrelated in different ways.

There is a relationship between plants and animals. Again these have relation with air, soil, water which is running following a certain process. Among the processes some are very simple and some are very complex.

Organisms are dependent on non-living things. Again, one organism is dependent on another organism. Through observation of the environment you must have understood this. As for example, Plants use sunlight to prepare food, which is known as photosynthesis. Photosynthesis (Plant) and respiration (plants and animals) are two main ways of developing inter relationship between living and non-living organisms.

By the photosynthesis: Plant prepares carbohydrate by using carbon dioxide and water in presence of sun light. The oxygen produced through photosynthesis is used animals for respiration which is used for production of energy. The Carbon dioxide produced by animal respiration is used by plants for photosynthesis. In this way, by photosynthesis and respiration inter relationship between plants and animal has been established with in the living world.

We know plants and animal arc the main components of living environment. Depending on the characteristics, they are different from each other. But they are dependent on catch other for survival.

Some plants reproduce with the help of insects. Bees move from flower to flower, and then pollination occurs with the help of birds and animals. Again, there are many plants those act as shelter for other few other. Few other plants and animals you can also site this as example of inter relationship of environment.