Significance of Photosynthesis Process for Animal World

Significance of Photosynthesis Process for Animal World

Significance of Photosynthesis process for the Animal World

It is through photosynthesis that a bond is established between the sun and the living world. The importance of photosynthesis can be realized from the brief description given below.

Preparation of food:

  • Carbohydrate, the primary food for the living world, manufactured only by photosynthesis.
  • Any living organism whether it is plant or animal needs food for being active and hardworking. Because there is a close relationship between food and respiration. Energy is discharge by respiration. So plants and animals are completer depended on respiration which supplies them with heat and energy.

Plants absorb energy from the sun and use photosynthesis to make sugars. Animals have mitochondria that use the sugars provided by plants to produce their own cellular energy. Plants that produce their own food, and food for other plants and animals using photosynthesis, are called autotrophs.

Gaseous exchange in environment

During photosynthesis plants absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. Carbon dioxide is harmful for animals. Plants absorb this carbon dioxide and let off essential oxygen into the atmosphere. In this way, plants filter the environment to make it pollution free. From the above discussion it can be concluded that the existence of life is totally dependent on photosynthesis. If the process of photosynthesis comes to a close, the human civilization will undoubtedly be ruined. Therefore, we should be more mindful of our duties in protecting plants.