Characteristics of Computers

Characteristics of Computers

The main characteristics of computers are:

Speed: Computers are capable of carrying out with enormous speed. Today’s computers, according to their class, can perform from 4 MIPS (Millions of instructions per second) to 100 MIPS. What may take days for manual calculations may take only a few hours for computers to perform. Inside the computer the information signal travels at incredible electronic speed.

Storage: Computers can store enormous quantity of information, which is expressed in terms of Kilobytes (or) Mega Bytes (MB) or Giga Bytes (GB). It is achieved through its ‘Main memory’ or Primary storage’ and through ‘auxiliary storage’ or ‘Secondary storage’. The Hard disks Floppy disk„ Compact Disc (CD) and Magnetic Tape storage are examples of secondary These large volumes of storage occupy much lesser space compared to paper documents and this aspect of computers makes them more powerful.

Accuracy: The accuracy of a Computer is consistently high. In fact, this quality of the computers make them indispensable in various fields such as Scientific Research, Space Research, Weather Predictions and many other areas where precision of a high order is required. The accuracy of the computer is best achieved by programming them in the most efficient When it comes to very complex mathematical or scientific problem the computer’s accuracy has no substitute.

Versatility: Computers are versatile in that they can per form almost any task, provided they are given the appropriate logical steps. For example, they are capable of performing wide ranging tasks such as construction of a payroll, inventory management in a factory, hotel billing, hospital management, banking applications and any imaginable task in every walk of life.

Automation: The biggest advantage of computers is that it is automatic in its operation. Once a programming logic is initiated the computer performs repeated operations without human interventions until program completion.

Diligence: Computers are machines and that do not get tired or ‘lose concentration’ like human If a large number of calculations say million calculations are to be performed the resultant output will remain exactly the same even if operations are repeated any number of times. But when a human being is asked to do the same job this consistency cannot be achieved.

Thus for those who want consistent and continuous standard output, computer’s ‘diligence’ is of great help.

Reliability: The computers give very accurate results with predetermined values. They correct and modify the parameters automatically, giving suitable signals. They give formatted results with high degree of previsions.