Most common input and output devices

Input Devices

An input device feeds data to the computer system for processing. Here is a list of input devices of a Computer System. We are going to discuss the most commonly used input devices.

  • Keyboard: Keyboard is the most common input device of a Computer System. The keyboard resembles a typewriter. Modern Keyboards have more than just the letter and numeric keys. They have multimedia keys for volume control, Play / Pause videos etc. Every single key on a keyboard is assigned a binary numbers to it which transmits that binary pattern to the computer.

  • Mouse: Mouse is another commonly used input device of a computer system. The mouse is a pointing device that moves the cursor on the screen. You can place the cursor on icons and by clicking you can launch a program.

  • Scanner: Scanner is the third important input device of a computer system. A scanner converts printed documents in to images. Some types of scanners scan documents and produce the results in black & white images. The scanner operates in the same manner as a Photocopier.

  • Digital Camera: Digital Cameras are used to capture images. Those images are then transferred to a computer when the Camera is connected to the computer. Mostly the Digital Camera images are in JPEG.

  • Game pad: A computer can serve many purposes. Besides work, a user can also play games on a You can use a keyboard and mouse for gaming but a specialized Hardware device, i-e a Game pad can also be used. A game pad is used for controlling games. with few buttons that controls the movements of character in a Computer Game.

Output Devices

Output devices displays the processed form of data to the end user. Common Output devices include;

  • Monitor: Monitor is the most important output device of a computer system. The monitor is the display screen of a computer. Cathode Rays Tube (CRT) and Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) are the two types of Monitors.

  • Printer: A Printer takes print commands from a computer and print out text / images on a paper. Different types of printers are available for various purposes. A printer for office use must be heavy duty and fast while for photographs it must produce high quality prints. Dot-Matrix, Ink-Jet, Laser-Jet are the different types of printers.

  • Speaker: Speaker is an important part of a computer system. Some systems have a built-in speaker, though they are small in size. Speaker is an essential part of computer because they can notify about various system notification through various sounds. Big speakers, woofers and sub-woofers are used for enhance sound quality or creating a mini home theater.