Lincoln Star Concept Could a Sport Tourer Be in Lincoln’s Electric Future

Lincoln Star Concept Could a Sport Tourer Be in Lincoln’s Electric Future

The Lincoln Star Concept, is a crossover that looks a lot like a Corsair or Nautilus crossover with a longer, lower-slung body, sharper body creases highlighted with LED lighting effects, and a few interesting offerings that are unlikely to make their debut in any future production vehicle was unveiled Wednesday at an event in Hollywood. The Lincoln Star Concept car is a concept that will never see the light of day. This is merely a survey that will be used to measure customer interest in prospective features and style for Lincoln’s intentions to electrify 50% of its lineup by 2050.

The Star Concept and many other vehicles that appeared to be grand tourers or low-slung sedans were shown during the TechCrunch event, which is particularly intriguing given that Lincoln presently only provides SUVs and crossovers in the United States. “With the Star Concept, we’re looking for input and suggestions. In an interview with TechCrunch, John Jraiche, the global director of luxury cars on the enterprise product line management team at Lincoln, said: “The volume of proportions is something that definitely can sit two or three rows.” “Each vehicle in the lineup that we showed you in the presentation will serve a very specific role, and I honestly don’t believe they have analogues on the market right now.”

While photographers were not allowed to take photographs at the presentation prior to today’s embargo, the slides clearly showed what seemed to be lower, sleeker-looking sedan-style bodywork under sheets beside the Star Concept. When asked if a grand tourer or “sports”-style car from Lincoln was in the works, Jraiche declined. “When you say sports. I believe there is a market for a low-riding, long, low-roof car. I wouldn’t necessarily refer to a vehicle as a “sports car.” I believe that a form of language, similar to the one I just mentioned, may be useful. Lower and more low-riding to the ground, with a lower ride, roof, and height.”

If Lincoln does introduce a grand tourer or sedan, it will signify a significant departure in the firm’s product strategy, as the business now primarily sells crossovers and SUVs in the United States. After Ford, Lincoln’s parent company, stated that it would solely develop SUVs and crossovers for the US market, the firm discontinued producing the Continental sedan in the US in 2020, just four years after announcing its comeback (with the exception of the Mustang). There’s a good chance that a Lincoln based on the Mach E, which has a lower ride height and fastback grand touring style, will be available in the United States.