How One Founder Realized The Potential Of Sustainable Energy Stored Deep Below Our Feet

How One Founder Realized The Potential Of Sustainable Energy Stored Deep Below Our Feet

In this week’s podcast we sat down with Dandelion’s co-founder and president Kathy Hannun. While working on Google X, Cathy came up with Dandelion’s idea of ​​tackling a number of complex issues around the world and tracking it through the application of technology.

Cathy realized that strengthening geological energy was one way to scale for a whole new class of stable energy for the market where it gained the most knowledge than other green energy alternatives. Kathy told us how Axe finished her dream job and then decided to jump from the ground up to create her own company from the ground up to address one of her obvious needs.

He further explains that despite tackling some natural impostor syndrome to solve problems with some of the most intelligent people in the world at Google’s moonshot section, his natural tendency is to believe that he can solve any problem he encounters, And a combination of learning. Realizing that the existing strategy was not working, we heard from Kathy about the difficult decision to change a fundamental element of how Dandelion’s business game works so late.

His stern call came literally as he scaled the mountain – harder to find any metaphor than that. We hope you enjoy our full chat with Kathy whom you can get below, either by subscribing to the Google Podcast or Apple Podcast Foundation or on the Google Podcast or the podcast app of your choice. Please leave us a review and let us know your feedback and give us feedback on Twitter or via email. Tune in next week for one more great conversation with an organization about their unique experience with the new organization.

Realizing that the current strategy wasn’t working, we made the difficult decision to change how Cathy got into the dandelion business, the key element of being late enough in the game about it. We hope you enjoyed our full conversation with Kathy, which you can find below or on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or on the Podcast app of your choice.