President Zelenskyy uses a break from fighting to criticize Elon Musk on Twitter

President Zelenskyy uses a break from fighting to criticize Elon Musk on Twitter

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the president of Ukraine, has briefly paused his battle against the Russian army invasion to positively assess Elon Musk on Twitter.

Musk, who has previously threatened the head of Roscosmos and challenged Putin to hand-to-hand combat since the invasion started, weighed in on Twitter with what he sees as a peaceful end to the conflict.

Because Musk is Musk, he added a poll to the proposal before whining that the results were tainted by the “largest bot assault I’ve ever seen” if they didn’t go his way.

In addition to losing the vote, the German ambassador to Ukraine gave him a direct reply.

Many factors are cited by opponents of the plan, including the difficulty of conducting a free and fair election in a conflict zone, allowing nations to annex territory based on shaky historical claims, and the impossibility of pressuring Ukraine to remain “neutral” in any way that would appease a Russian aggressor. Musk made another attempt with a second poll, which also failed miserably.

Unexpectedly, Zelenskyy joined the Twitter debate and tagged Musk in one of his own polls.

In his response to the President, Musk explained the rationale behind his surveys.

I still strongly support Ukraine, he tweeted in response. “However, I am confident that a big escalation of the conflict will affect Ukraine and perhaps the entire globe greatly.”

He reacted to another tweet that said his comments about the war infuriated Ukrainians “You’re presuming I want to be well-liked. I don’t care. I am concerned that millions of people could perish needlessly while waiting for roughly the same result.”