Which Interest Groups Interacting with Business?

Which Interest Groups Interacting with Business?

Interest Groups Interacting with Business

An interest group is a group of individuals who share the common objective, and whose aim is to influence policymakers. They are an organization of people with policy goals who work within the political process to promote such goals. For instance, an interest group dedicated to improving farming standards will fight for the general goal of improving farming for all farmers, even who are not members of the particular interest group.

In a pluralistic society like South Asian countries, there are various types of interest group exists. Some of those are:

Farmers group, Fisherman groups, Historical group, Labor group, Teachers group, Students group, Political group, Journalists group, Scientist group, Various government groups and Environmentalist group etc.

Business interest group generally promote corporate or employer interest. Larger corporations often maintain their own lobbyists to work on behalf of their specific interests. Companies and organizations will also come together in larger groups to work together on general business interests. Many interest groups in society are those focused on advancing their members’ economic interests. Some have a large membership base, while others represent only a few members.