Ocular Solution brings Video Chat to the Customer Journey

Ocular Solution brings Video Chat to the Customer Journey

“The epidemic exposed a gap in the customer journey: video chat,” says Fernando Moya, CEO of Ocular Solution, a Chilean business in its early stages.

COVID-19, according to Moya, demonstrated that live chat and chatbots were insufficient, as users still desired to communicate face-to-face with customer service representatives, just as they do offline.

This is the problem that Ocular Solution, which participated in TechCrunch Disrupt’s Startup Alley, is attempting to solve in the digital world with a platform that allows clients to add a video chat aspect to their website and link it with their existing technologies, such as HubSpot and Pipedrive.

Video chat is useful for customer service, as well as onboarding and sales. This is especially true if the service is well-suited to consultative selling, in which the end-user expects to receive answers to their queries before advancing.

This urge to converse with a live person explains why Moya believes video chat is an effective strategy to prevent cart abandonment, which is a huge problem in the e-commerce industry. Baymard, a UX research institute, calculated the average reported online shopping cart abandonment rate to be near 70% based on data from 44 studies.

There are a variety of reasons why site visitors do not become customers, but Ocular discovered that providing video chat can assist increase conversions. According to Moya, the startup’s clients have an average service-related net promoter score of 8, with conversion rates ranging from 15% to 250 percent during Chile’s e-commerce promotion event CyberDay.

Ocular began operations in Chile, where Moya had previously co-founded Wingsoft, from which Ocular arose. However, the firm is already looking beyond its borders: it intends to keep its personnel distributed, albeit through modest hybrid centers, and it already has clients in several Latin American countries.

Although Latin America’s e-commerce penetration is not as high as that of North America and Western Europe, sales are growing at a quicker rate than in other regions. These new online shoppers are more likely to seek out an experience that is more akin to shopping in a store. “The number of people who require video support is rapidly increasing,” Moya said. Aside from customer pleasure and revenue, Ocular hopes to assist its clients in improving their internal procedures.

As a result, it offers employers with data to help them track critical customer service KPIs while also assisting attendants in their work. The company’s website adds, “We teach your agents so that they can give the finest service experience and get the most out of the tools.”

“Agents, we feel, play a critical role in the adoption of our technology because they humanize this new customer support channel,” Moya said. “As a result, our efforts are focused on developing tools that enable them to improve day by day, that excite them, and that produce revenues as a result of them performing well in a fun and difficult environment.”