Tiktok Introduces Its First Ad Product to Offer a Revenue Share with Creators

Tiktok Introduces Its First Ad Product to Offer a Revenue Share with Creators

TikTok is providing a new strategy to entice marketers to its platform by allowing them to exhibit their businesses’ content alongside TikTok’s most popular videos. TikTok announced the debut of TikTok Pulse, a new contextual advertising solution that assures companies’ advertisements are displayed next to the top 4% of all videos on TikTok, ahead of its NewFronts presentation to advertisers this afternoon. In addition, the solution will be the first ad product to provide revenue sharing with authors. During the initial stage of the TikTok Pulse program, creators and publishers with at least 100,000 TikTok followers will be eligible for the income split program, according to the business. TikTok informed TechCrunch that ad money will be divided 50/50 with creators.

According to our sources, the Pulse program will be available to US marketers in June 2022, with more markets following in the autumn. In the early stages of the initiative, TikTok did not specify how many creators it would accept. However, in the long run, the decision may help TikTok attract more producers to its social video app, after its previous investments in creator monetization.

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Tiktok Introduces Its First Ad Product to Offer a Revenue Share with Creators

TikTok launched an online “Creator Next” platform in December, bringing together all of the tools artists may utilize to generate money on the app in one spot. Creators may learn how to receive virtual gifts and money from viewers of their videos and TikTok LIVE content in this section. If they have at least 10,000 followers, they may apply to the Creator Marketplace to be linked with businesses for sponsored content. TikTok will now be able to add advertising income sharing to its set of monetization options for creators.

However, the new initiative isn’t simply about assisting creators. It’s also about providing a more “brand-safe” environment for marketers’ content, comparable to YouTube’s Partner Program (YPP). The YouTube Partner Program allows creators to earn ad money from their channel’s display, overlay, and video advertisements, as well as access to other services like as channel subscriptions, Super Chat, a merch shelf, and more. Meanwhile, marketers may use YPP to reach videos from creators that have more traction and subscribers, as well as channels that have been validated by YouTube for compliance with its content regulations. This allows marketers to better regulate the placement of their adverts, ensuring that they do not, for example, appear alongside hate speech or disinformation.

TikTok’s new TikTok Pulse initiative will also focus on ensuring that creator material is “appropriate” for adverts, according to the company. According to a TikTok statement, “our unique inventory filter guarantees that TikTok Pulse advertising are appearing adjacent to verified content with our highest degree of brand compatibility applied on the platform.” “Additional post-campaign measurement capabilities, such as third-party brand appropriateness and viewability verification,” it said, “give advertisers with the chance and transparency to examine and understand the effect of their campaigns.”

According to the business, the service would also allow marketers to tailor their advertising to specific TikTok locales. Brands may use Pulse to insert advertising alongside videos in 12 different categories, such as beauty, fashion, pets, gaming, TV & movies, car, Spanish language, sports and leisure, and more. TikTok Pulse will initially be available only to marketers that have been asked to join the program by TikTok. However, a TikTok spokeswoman stated that the company plans to expand the solution to other businesses in the coming months. TikTok did not reveal any additional specifics about the new initiative, such as ad pricing or how quickly Pulse advertising would display when someone visited there for you page, among other things.