Importance of Short Report

Importance of Short Report

Importance of Short Report

Importance of short reports needs not to be over emphasized. Managers mostly use short reports for their internal communication. Some points highlighting the significance of short reports are presented below.

Internal Communication: Short reports are very useful in communicating internal operational information Management always collects reports from various departments and divisions to carry out organizational activities.

Preparation and execution of plans: Through short reports, organizations internally exchange information. It helps in preparing up-to-date plans and execution of those plans.

Taking routine decisions: For taking decisions, people require information. Short report supplies that information to the concerned persons. Hence, making routine decisions become easier.

Integrating various departments and divisions: Another important role of short reports is that they ensure proper integration among the various departments and divisions by building communication network within the whole organization.

Keeping the employees aware: Short reports are also useful to keep the employees aware of organizational affairs. Such reports supply detailed information on various organizational aspects to almost every internal participant.

Increasing employee efficiency: By keeping the employees informed of their duties, responsibilities and performance, short reports make the employees conscious. It ultimately increases their efficiency.

Enhancing employee satisfaction: Continuous communication with the employees through short reports increases their level of job satisfaction.