Disadvantages or Problems of Interview

Disadvantages or Problems of Interview

Disadvantages / Limitations / Problems of Interview

Interviews are aimed at exchanging information or judging the competencies of the job seekers or assessing one’s depth of knowledge etc. Whatever is its objective there are some problems associated with interview. Some of these are related to the interview process and the remainings are associated to the interviewers and interviewees. Some major problems of interview are discussed below-

Lack of interviewer’s knowledge on the subject: Whatever the objective of interview is, the interviewer must have adequate knowledge on the subject matters of interview. If the interviewer suffers from inadequate knowledge on the subject of interview he cannot evaluate the depth of interviewee’s knowledge.

Lack of interviewer’s experience: Interview is one kind of formal communication. The purpose of the interview might be the determination of the candidate’s depth of knowledge. Attaining this objective depends on the efficiency and experience of the interviewer. But it is seen that many interviews fail because of inadequate experience of the interviewer.

Impatience of interviewer: Interviewer’s behavior to the interviewees should be neutral and courteous. Moreover he should conduct the interview session with due attention and tolerance. But in some cases it is seen that impatience attitude, mental anxiety or any other mental stress of the interviewer compel him to conduct the interview session haphazardly.

Effect of interviewer’s stereotyping attitude: Sometimes the interviewers tend to evaluate the qualities, abilities, and competencies of the interviewees on the basis of their stereotyping attitude. This may hinder fair assessment of the candidate’s competency.

Effect of interviewee’s external expression: Sometimes the interviewees are evaluated on the basis of their external appearance like dress up, face, health etc rather than based on their internal qualities. This creates obstacle in the way to selecting the best candidate.

Effect of unfavourable information about the candidate: Sometimes the referees supplies unfavourable information about the candidate. If the candidate is evaluated based on those information only, there is every possibility of taking wrong decision about the candidate’s competency.

Possibility of being expressed of candidate’s weak points: In source situations some candidates show then unwillingness to express some information that may disclose their weak pants. In these situations it is also impossible to judge the candidates property.

Possibility of being expressed of secret information: Generally politicians and other important person do not express their secret information thinking that it may hamper the public interest. In these situations, real information cannot be obtained by arranging interview.