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Physical Exercise

Physical Exercise

Physical exercise means the standard movement of the limbs of our body according to rules. The standard movement of our limbs keeps our body fresh and energetic. It is broadly recognized as the greatest way to keep the body fit and dynamic. The proverb goes, “Health is the source of all happiness.” It is essential to maintain our body healthily and strong. Mere achievement of knowledge without sound health is of no use to civilization. To be healthy one should take regular exercise. If the body is unsound, the mind must be unsound. It helps in digesting food. We cannot think of a sound mind without sound health. It also keeps our mind sound. It is necessary to make our body physically fit.

I like to do physical exercise very much. There are a variety of types of physical exercise. There are walking, swimming, running, cycling, jogging, etc. Not all forms of exercise are fitting for all men. I like to do jogging, walking, and swimming. Those who are strong and stout can take all kinds of exercise. Physical exercise makes our muscles strong. It makes more vigorous and dynamic. It helps us to be cheerful and lively. It helps in digesting food. It keeps the flow of blood-free.  These days’ yoga and meditation are also gaining recognition. It gives strength to our brain. It also helps to keep our mind fresh. Exercise takes our mind away from the drudgery of work and fills it with joy. They are easier to practice and highly effectual in keeping one fit and healthy. It teaches us unity, patience, obedience, discipline, and punctuality. It increases our liveliness.

Overlook of bodily health can be devastating for us. There are many people who do not take physical exercise. They can barely understand that they themselves are ruining their health. Slowly their body becomes susceptible to many diseases. They fall sufferer to many diseases. Their energy and loveliness are lost untimely. Life becomes dull to them. They grow old early. They are always irritable and ill-tempered. Strength, stamina, and power of concentration turn down. But do not take over-exercise. It may tell up the health.

It needs no telling the significance of physical exercise. We should take physical exercise in an open field in the early morning or in the afternoon. Our life is full of struggles and activities. One can undertake them plainly if one has physical fitness and mental awareness. As health is wealth, we should take physical exercise habitually. Physical exercise also gives us fresh energy refreshes our mind and helps us to return to work with improved strength. But extreme physical exercise is injurious for health. So, we should be very regular and steady in physical exercise.