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Sound Pollution and its Effects

Sound Pollution and its Effects

Sound Pollution

When the pulsation of sound is at a bearable and pleasurable stage, it is merely called sound. But, when it is sharp and ruthless to ears, it becomes sound pollution. Today sound pollution is a regular issue in many countries. It has reached an intolerable. The unit by which the intensity or volume of sound is calculated is called a decibel. According to the UN, the standard tolerances perimeter of sound is 45 decibels. When a sound surpasses this perimeter, it is spiky and harsh.

There are numerous causes of sound pollution. The road traffic sounds are caused due to cars, trucks, buses, ambulances and other vehicles. It is caused by the loud and insufferable sound of horns of vehicles, music, diesel truck, motorcycle, television, etc. Sound pollution is destructive to our health. Generally, it causes antagonism and indemnity hearing. Whether we understand or not this pollution can be dangerous to our health in a variety of ways so it has to be vetoed. In the city, millions of people are exposed to this pollution. This pollution will spoil people’s power of hearing. Factory work, truck driving, and primary school teaching, etc. are measured to be the noisiest occupations. It can source many serious diseases such as heart attack, high blood pressure, etc.

The needless use of powerful vehicular horns is the major cause of sound pollution in the city. The extreme voice is mostly caused by machines, transport systems, noisy music, and traffic. Besides, defective vehicles, production sites, loudspeaker and thousands of workshops are liable for sound pollution. Tremendous sound pollution can reason cardiovascular trouble in human beings and also an increased incidence of coronary artery disease among other brutal health issues. It causes a lack of attentiveness, irritation, tetchiness, the increase in blood pressure, and augment of the usual rate of heartbeat and steady deafness. Thus, sound pollution creates difficulty in our regular life.

To reduce sound pollution we have to construct mills and factories far away from the locality. Then public consciousness should be developed through mass media. We should take essential measures to control sound pollution. It is so ubiquitous in the present-day civilization that we often fail to even discern it any more. Besides, the consciousness of people, a proper accomplishment of laws and the right steps of government can diminish sound pollution. By increasing public consciousness and suspicious town planning can be controlled. To get rid of this problem we have to exceed stern laws alongside the sources of noise. Strict law should be compulsory. Everyone must nurture the good feature of tranquility in individual and communal life.