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Begging: A Social Problem

Begging: A Social Problem

Begging is a social vice. Begging is requesting for donation in a supplicating manner. A person who lives by begging from other people is a beggar. A beggar is regarded as a burden to society and begging is seen as a serious social problem. There are a number of causes of begging which indulged people to beg. It doesn’t give anything to society. Rather it destroys the image and prestige of the person involved in it as well as of the society in which he/she lives. It is so common in all major cities and almost found on every roundabout, pavement, in front of the mosque and main roads asking for alms.

Begging creates a sense of idleness and irresponsibility in a beggar. It has become a profession with a larger industry. It cripples his/her mind and hampers the development of good feelings in his/her heart. On the whole, begging makes a nation idle and inactive. He deserves no pity but contempt. The beggars live a nomadic life being scattered here and there. They have deprived o sanitary latrines. Begging is now one of the organized crime and it needs to be eliminated by serious policy formulation and planning. Awareness should be created among them that begging is not employment but a curse.

A number of factors are responsible for this problem. Extreme poverty is the main reason behind this problem. Poverty is the major cause of begging which has forced hundreds of people to commit suicide, compelled women to sell out their children and forced youngsters to leave their homes and start begging. When a person has nothing to eat, feed his/her family members, he/she feels compelled to do this. Thus extreme poverty forces a person to beg for survival. It needs to be eliminated from society because it is producing a dependent person which is something dangerous for the development and progress of a country as it assists in different crimes. Begging is disreputable that brings nothing to society but a burden of heavy nature.

However, begging has now become a business. Begging needs remedy. Begging culture is not as simple as it seems like, now there is a whole mafia and series of crimes is also related to it. Beggars are now like expert professionals who would try to get any amount of money at any cost. The public should discourage this illegal begging instead of encouraging it. Many able-bodied people are seen begging here and there. So it is not only poverty but also mentality which is responsible for this problem. This problem should be addressed soon. There should be awareness programs against this begging mafia so that only deserving people could get aid. The government and private sectors should arrange some kinds of works for this type of people and employ them as soon as possible.