Modern Civilization



The Internet is a computerized network of information. It is one of the most creative and popular inventions in the history of the world. It is the utmost innovation in the communication system. It is now measured as a pillar of the modern world of information. It is the worldwide network of computers. It has proficiently opened up the possibilities of further advancements in many other fields of subsistence. Its uses and functions are flat, easy and rapid. It has made our lives convenient and has also made the world look smaller to us. It has made the world smaller and brought the world within our reach.

The Internet allows us to access the information displayed on various websites. A student who knows just the keys of the computer can communicate anywhere he wishes. Internet communication is now the newest communication in the world. Searching for information on the internet is a speedy business and is very convenient. Internet-based e-commerce has become most admired to many customers as they can buy or sell anything without going to a market. The Internet has great usefulness.

A computer and a telephone connection are required to get an Internet connection. There are two types of the Internet such as Dial-up and BroadBand. One can get an internet connection from three networking systems. They are LAN (local area network), MAN (metropolitan area network) WAN (worldwide area network). To get suitable information a person has to communicate in the proper address. One can also go to a search engine like Yahoo, Goggle for finding a particular page or a piece of information. We can get information on every substance within a very small time. A search engine is a system through which you can search for information on Web pages containing that information. It has widened our knowledge and made us more thirsty for the unknown.

The Internet has innumerable advantages. One can read the newspaper on the net. One can apply for a job, and one can get applications, one can shop and one can advertise. One can keep following of one’s bank account. Now the world of commerce has been developed by it. By using Internet students can go through a number of books from the libraries without going there. They can seek information regarding admission to dissimilar foreign universities. This is of great advantage to students in their studies, particularly when they are preparing reports. It has some demerits also. The international criminals consign many kinds of evil works through the Internet. The students waste their valuable time by having a western culture. Thus, it is anticipated that science and technology will advance at unprecedented speed. The use of the Internet in our country is still poor and costly.