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What is Communication Satellite?

What is Communication Satellite?

Communication Satellite:

Artificial satellite is a man-made satellite which moves round the earth continuously as like moon keeping a specific distance from the earth staying in a specific orbit with the help of a buster rocket. These are not made mere for move round the earth only. Each of them is made and sent to the space for a specific objective. Accordingly, communication satellites receive radio signals from different places of the earth and send them to its destinations on earth. This type of satellite has made possible the development of worldwide television and telephone net work system. A communication satellite is made up of two parts, namely —

a) A receiver and

b) A transmitter.

The receiver receives the signal from anywhere of the world and amplifies the signal with its amplifier machine and finally sends the amplified signal to its destination on the earth. In this way the communication satellite can disseminate any signal or message within a few seconds to the whole world. Generally, the satellite stations on the earth receive the amplified message sent by the satellites.