Modern Civilization



The advertisement is the most important thing for spreading the name and fame of goods worldwide. The intention of advertisement is usually to create demand: to make members of the public want to buy a product. It means the publicity of goods. It is found in big wall, signboards, and newspapers. Advertisement is very big business, nowadays people are getting richer just by getting involved in the advertisement field. If we open the newspaper in the morning, we will find an advertisement for cinemas, cosmetics, medicine, books, cars machines, and many other things. Thus, adverts aim to show a product’s usefulness.

The advertisement is the main business for the newspaper in a day. The prominent advertisements are flashed at night on the roofs of houses. As well as creating new customers, adverts try to ensure that existing customers stay interested in the products. TV and radio are remarkable media for advertisements. Advertisements for goods promote sales; widen the fields of businesses and increase profit. It becomes an important part and parcel of modem commerce and trade. They attract all classes of people and turn them into constant customers and buyers. A big business concern maintains an advertising cell. Advertisement thus also aims to inspire trust and loyalty.

In the modern competitive commercial age, many men are producing goods at a tremendous rate and all of them want to make a profit at the cost of the purchasing public. The more one can publish the more one can sell his goods. People after hearing and watching advertisements become too much tempted to buy the advertised goods and articles. Men think that advertising goods are best and they want to buy for reputation. Adverts often try to capture the spirit of the time. They can be fun and entertaining to watch. But they also have a pragmatic purpose: to get the general public interested in parting with their money. The distinction between good and had is lost sight of an advertisement.

Today the sale of a thing depends not so much on its quality as on its advertisement. Through it, the world now a day are being brought closer and closer to one another. “Out of sight, out of mind” goes an old and time-tested saying which is appropriately applied in the sphere of real of trade, commerce, and business. It is easy to get things manufactured from one country to another. There are many advertisements, which maintain many vulgar and indecent pictures, which sometimes are very protagonists to our culture. The more consumers listen about advertisements of products, the more they are sure to purchase them. It tends to do away the distinction between the good and bad. It is nothing but self-praise flowing one’s own tramped. So advertisements are useful and profitable and they can under no circumstances be ignored. Sometimes in a journal or magazine, the advertisement of many things flashed in a made way. Though we are not interested to watch it, we have to look at it for publicity.