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Price Hike in Bangladesh

Price Hike in Bangladesh

Price hike means the unusual increase in the prices of daily necessaries. It is a common phenomenon and happens in most economies. Bangladesh is a small country with growing problems. Among all the problems, the price hike is a great one. Prices of everything are increasing day by day. The prices of all commodities have gone beyond the reach of the mass people over the whole country. All are getting concerned with this problem.

Many reasons are responsible for it. The first and foremost cause is overpopulation. The small country cannot produce enough food for its increasing population. The market syndicate is mostly responsible for the price-hike in Bangladesh. Business syndicate, smuggling, and corruption are also responsible for it. Some dishonest people store essential commodities with a view to making a huge profit. This causes a sharp decrease in the supply of commodities in the market and as result prices are increased. Our political instability greatly contributes to it. One of the factors which cause price-hike is less agricultural production due to natural disasters.

Most of the people are living under the poverty line. Prices of essential commodities have gone beyond the capacity of the pool and the fixed income people. So, their condition is becoming so miserable. Many of them have to remain hungry almost every day. Poor people are mainly affected by the price hike. Their income doesn’t rise with the price hike. The poor children are leaving school in despair for the price hike, many are becoming sick for want of balanced food. They cannot afford to buy any medicine. For the price hike, the poor are becoming poorer. The suffering of common people remains to stand still. The problem of price hike is hindering the overall development of our country. Concerned authority and government should come forward in true sense.

It should be solved at any cost. To prevent price-hike, any syndicate activities are to be suppressed boldly and inflation of money should be controlled. It is high time to solve the problem. More or less, almost all people of all classes are suffering from the problem of price-hike. Conscious people should work together with the Government in this regard. The government should also emphasize on the increase of production by applying scientific agricultural methods. The agricultural sector should be given priority in the annual budget. Otherwise, we all fall into great danger. Therefore, we need to make all-out efforts to come out of these serious crises.