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Green Economy: Future Solution for Dhaka City

Green Economy: Future Solution for Dhaka City

Green Economy: Future Solution for Dhaka City

Bangladesh is a developing country. Its economic growth is steady. But the economy is not environmentally friendly. Dhaka is the worst city to live in because of pollution. A green economy can be a solution for future Dhaka.

Green Economy: The green economy is defined as an economy that aims at reducing environmental risk and ecological scarcities, and that aims for sustainable development without degrading the environment. It is closely related to ecological economics but has a more politically applied focus. The 2011 UNEP green economy report argues that to be green, an economy must not only be efficient but also fair. An initiative that can be taken by Dhaka as the capital of Bangladesh to turn the country into a green economy:

  • Enhancing Environment products and services
  • Increasing use of Renewable energy
  • Clean transportation and fuel
  • Green buildings
  • Introduce energy-efficient products and services
  • Switch from carbon to non-carbon components
  • Transforming the tannery from Dhaka city

The policy that should be reformed –

  • Abolition of perverse subsidies, taxes, and incentives
  • Rationalization of land use and urban policies
  • Introduction of integrated resources and water management
  • Appropriate implementation o environmental legislation

Initiatives that are taken by the government –

  • Introducing building code
  • Awareness-raising campaign among the student and another city dweller
  • Installation of solar panels in the government and semi-government organization within 3 years
  • Use of CFL bulb in all ministries and power sector entities
  • Conventional street light to be replaced by LED
  • The gradual discontinuation of an incandescent bulb and electric heater
  • Limiting the use of air-conditioning
  • Encouraging the business community for using solar energy
  • Closing the market and shopping mall within 8 p.m.

The green economy is a different economic concept than the traditional economic model and it is important for Bangladesh. Government agencies must be responsive in implementing a green economic policy.