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Generation Gap

Generation Gap

Generation Gap is referred to as the dissimilarity of beliefs and ideas between people from different generations. It refers to the difference in opinion, values, and point of view amongst generations, particularly between parents, grandparents, and children. This is a common phenomenon and has continued for ages. Every generation seems to be conflicting at one point or the other with its preceding and succeeding generation. The new entity must replace the old.

The theory of generation gap was introduced in the year 1960s. Around this time it was observed that the younger generation questioned and went against almost everything their parents believed. This included their religious beliefs, political views, moral values, relationship advice and even the type of music and shows they prefer.

While the generation gap is usually a cause of conflict between the children and their parents, it is actually an interesting concept. In the early world, parents were given the status of gods and their commands used to be the final words for their children to listen. The world would have actually been quite dull if it had not been for this gap. But it is not so at present. Each generation sets its own fashion trends, introduces its own slangs, influences the development of science and technology and comes up with fresh ideas and so on. They too have the right to take their own decisions sometimes.

The words of elders were taken as the gospel of truth and they were fulfilled at the cost of lives too. But now children are not like the remote-controlled robots literally, like the past. All these factors ensure the world we live in to have grown a new skin every few years. The children now are equally vociferous, independent and are a more vibrant part of the family. We cannot blame the children totally for not obeying by every rule that is imposed on them. It is the demand of today. These changes in due course would certainly affect our thinking and influence our attitudes, expectations, behavioral patterns and values. A proper relationship must be developed from the very start so that the understanding increases. When children are supported by parents in their choices and aims, they develop more love and respect for their parents. It gives them confidence which is incomparable. When children excel with their choices, they are respected and this brings pride to the family too. Ideally, the best of the old and the new ought to be integrated for the true and smooth evolution of mankind.

Therefore, some change is a must for society to survive, whether we accept it, as part of God’s will. As is the case with almost everything/concept on earth, the generation gap also has its own sets of pros and cons. So understanding this fact, parents must provide a healthy environment for a good relationship to grow and also this will maintain the peace of the family. There is a need for developing understanding and acceptance in order to bridge this gap.