Organizational Behavior

Difference between Team and Group

Difference between Team and Group is given below:


  • Definition:  A team is a   co-operative the small group in regular contact that is engaged in co-ordinate action.
  • Common superior: Team may not have common superior.
  • Interaction: Team may not have face to face interaction.
  • Commitment: Team members are supposed to be highly committed to work.
  • Interdependency: Team has the higher degree of internet engine.
  • Accountability: Team members themselves are mutually accountable.


  • Definition: When two or more persons interact and interdependent on each other for achieving an objective is called a group.
  • Common superior: Group has a common superior.
  • Interaction: Group has face to face interaction.
  • Commitment: Group members are not much committed to work.
  • Interdependency: Group has the small degree of interdependence.
  • Accountability: Group members are not themselves so much accountable.