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Harmfulness of Drug Addiction and its Remedy

Harmfulness of Drug Addiction and its Remedy

Harmfulness of Drug Addiction and its Remedy

Currently, drug addiction is spreading in our society as a catastrophic disorder. Like an impaired disease, it is consolidating our young society. The intense bust of its future is the future of our society. The administration is disturbed by the dire consequences of the drug, the Guardians fear the panic doctors. The reason is that the young man is behind the backbone of the country, and he is going to break the backbone. Destruction of death is killing millions of souls, destruction is the family and social peace. The state is witnessing an uncertain future. Our country is involved in the crackdown around drug addiction around the world. Yet, to overcome this problem, it is necessary to involve the people of all walks of life, and to make it happen, everyone should develop awareness.

Intoxicants are the herbal ingredients that, in the application of the human body, the sensory sensation is reduced or does not exist. In order to take intoxicants, people go from unnatural to normal, and they are affected by various diseases at one time.

Due to the misuse of substances produced by the discovery of science, which is used by physicians in a certain degree of medical facilities, the welfare of the society has become a harmless drug due to the misuse of the society. However, the use of narcotic substances is more abused than medical science.

Various types of drugs:

There are various types of drugs in the present world. Drugs, such as alcohol, marijuana, fracture, opium, chasers, vodkas, have been practiced since ancient times. Along with the advancement of science, drug addiction has also improved considerably. Nowadays, heroin, marijuana LSD, pethidine, cocaine, morphine, poppy, hashish, cannabis, smack, etc. are notable as narcotics. Currently heroin, cocaine is valuable. Amongst the drugs that our youngsters use as drugs, the main focus of Sidaksin, Incinion, Pathradin, Phensidyl, etc. Besides, the catastrophic drug of Yaba is a scourge of the current youth.

Drug addiction is a very difficult drug to quit once it gets accustomed. He does not know, understands, and does not understand how people are advancing in the path of destruction. Therefore, we must know about the evil of the drug to be able to survive the plague and the other. Social awareness will increase.

Drug addiction reasons:

Most of those who are addicted know that the drug does not work well. What is the reason for our youth to become addicted? So far scientists, researchers, and doctors have identified the causes of addiction or drug addiction:

  • Trying to pressure the peers and support the work of friends: It is very true that if drug addicts are active among those who will be friends, then drug addicts are forced to engage in that work. Most of our drug addicts are either addicted or intoxicants.
  • The rebellious attitude of first youth: In the junction of adolescence and youth, boys and girls want to reveal their personalities through rebellious attitude. In doing so, they want to break all the rules and regulations without judging them well.
  • Psychological disorder: One reason for the expansion of drug addiction among young people is frustration, they want to get rid of the grief, grief, and the sense of deprivation to addiction.
  • Hostile Family Environment: In many cases, bad relationships and quarrels between parents and children are exposed to inhuman activities, such family circumstances deprive parents of affection from their parents. As a result, in their absence, the boys and girls made good friends with bad friends.
  • Lack of religious horoscope: Every country in the world has been targeted by the ignorance of the prohibition of religious restrictions in the spread of drug addiction. Parents have to talk about children with religious values.
  • One of the absences of the subject in the education program: Our inability to create a good environment for education and to encourage girls to take good care of wellness is a major reason for the increase in drug addiction among young people.
  • Availability of drugs: The availability of drugs is by drug production, importation, and smuggling. Therefore, people will not get the chance to add to drugs when they do not have toxic drugs like available products near their hands.

Remedial measures: Since drug addiction is a social disorder, there is a way to solve the problem and to get out of society. For this reason, the use of drug abuse should be created socially. Social awareness must be developed and it should be increased in all levels of society. In this case, the resistance against drug dealers and suppliers has to be built. To remedy the drug, the following issues need to take effective action effectively.

  • The family will start from the anti-narcotics campaign, in this case, parents or older siblings will encourage family discussion about the bad and horror of the drug and its refusal to abstain from it.
  • Parents must be aware of who their child is going to be with whom. Because the school and guardian’s responsibility to provide the right information for the boys and girls. Otherwise, they might not understand the issue properly by mistake.
  • Above all, members of the family must have a friendly relationship.
  • Implementation of the Laws and Regulations of Smoking and Other Drug Abuse Control should be strictly implemented. Otherwise, penalties of 50 rupees will be kept in the future as punishable as smoking.
  • The administration will have to take more stringent measures to prevent the use of our country as a transit point for drug trafficking.
  • Due to the production and marketing of tobacco and tobacco products, taxes and taxes will be increased.
  • In order to build human and moral values, religious adherence must be followed.
  • Employment or self-employment will be created for unemployed youth.
  • Include anti-drug awareness lessons in education and co-education programs.


Drug addiction like drug addiction is leading the youth of the country towards destruction. To prevent the use of narcotics in today’s and the future, for a healthy and happy society. And for that, the need for the private initiative is to prevent social intervention and national-international intervention. We hope that these national and international enterprises will give gifts to the next generation, a drug-free society.