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Acid Pollution

Acid Pollution

Acid Pollution is a serious and dangerous problem because it is very harmful to the environment. Acid is a chemical compound, usually a liquid that contents hydrogen and has a PH of less than seven. Acids are usually sour and can afterburn holes in our damage things they touch. When something is polluted by acid then it is called acid pollution.

Acid corrodes things. Acid pollution can cause damage to trees lakes, wildlife, buildings. Acid deposition can occur via natural sources like volcanoes but it is mainly caused by the release of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide during fossil fuel combustion. It is rain that has a very high concentration of acid-forming chemicals. These chemicals have been released into the atmosphere and joint with water vapor. Many of the world’s famous buildings are at risk of acid pollution. Basically acid rain could damage everything over a short period of time and that is because it can make living things die in the environment. Damage to the beautiful Taj Mahal in India caused by Sulphur pollution from nearby oil refineries was one of the nest indicators of acid pollution occurring in the developing world. When these gases are discharged into the atmosphere they react with the water, oxygen, and other gases already present there to form sulphuric acid, ammonium nitrate, and nitric acid. These acids then disperse over large areas because of wind patterns and fall back to the ground as acid rain or other forms of precipitation.

Acid is also harmful to human life. Our animal and plant life should be of paramount importance to us. There is a link between acid pollution and damage to human health. So, the fact of acid pollution should be taken seriously. To end this, we must reduce our release of toxic gas into the atmosphere. We should not let anything be polluted by acid.

  • Surface waters and aquatic animals: Both the lower pH and higher aluminum concentrations in surface water that occur as a result of acid rain can cause damage to fish and other aquatic animals.
  • Soils: Some microbes are unable to tolerate changes to low pH and are killed. The enzymes of these microbes are denatured by the acid.
  • Forests and other vegetation: The acid takes important minerals away from the leaves and the soil. Without these minerals, trees and plants cannot grow properly.

To conclude, acid pollution is a very important issue that has bad effects on the environment. Environmentally friendly methods need to be adopted by everyone. We can help to stop this acid rain in a very simple way which is not polluting the air. As they said Prevention is better than cure. Both the public and the government need to realize the seriousness of the issue and work together to solve the problem of acid pollution.