Meaning of Interview

Meaning of Interview

Meaning of Interview

The term “interview” comes from Latin and Middle French words meaning of which is “to see between” or “to see each other.” From this viewpoint, interview is the discussion between two or more persons on some specific issue. In this discussion, one person is interviewer (who takes the interview) and the other one is interviewee (who gives the interview).

Generally, in interview, the interviewer asks the interviewee some questions on some specific subjects. Many scholars have defined interview in different ways. Some of which are quoted below;

According to Gary Dessler, “An interview is a procedure designed to obtain information from a person’s oral responses to oral inquiries.”

In the opinion of Quible and others, “An interview includes two or more people who assume different communication roles.”

Dumont and Lannon defined, “Interviewing is the process whereby individuals (usually two) exchange information.”

From the above discussion, it can be said that an interview is a process of face-to-face oral discussion between two or mom people with a view to find out the views, attitudes, and wishes of interviewee on any specific issue.