Meaning of Speech

Meaning of Speech

Meaning of Speech

Oral communication is the oldest and most widely used medium of communication. It can take place in different forms and speech is one of them.

Speech is generally, the most effective medium of delivering message in meeting, seminar, conference etc. Speech refers to delivering message through words of mouth or, spoken words in front of audience gathered in a meeting, seminar or conference. Through speech, the speaker can present his opinions and thoughts on any matter to a large amber of audiences at a time. Therefore, it is widely used in delivering oral message in business, social, political and religious gatherings.

According to Oxford Learner’s Dictionary, “Speech is a formal talk that a person gives to an audience”.

According to Illustrate Oxford Dictionary, “Speech is a formal address or discourse delivered to an audience or assembly.”

In the opinion of Boone, Kurtz and Block, “A speech is a highly structured form of address in which a speaker addresses an audience gathered to hear a message.”

At least, we can say that speech is a kind of formal address delivered to an audience gathered in a place to hear a message.