Objective of Training and Development

Objective of Training and Development

Training and development program helps employees learn specific knowledge or skills to improve performance in their current roles.

The objective of training and development: Objective of training and development in the public organization of a country are discussed below –

Increase in efficiency: Training improves skills and efficiency that can help in operating.

Knowledge about new methods: if a new method of work/service is introduced in the organization, the employees are given proper knowledge on new method through training and development.

Knowledge of company policy: The new entrants are not supposed to have sufficient knowledge of company policy. Through training and development, some knowledge can be furnished.

Attitude changing: in some cases, change of attitude is very important for successful formulation and implementation of company plans and decisions. An objectives-oriented organization can serve the purpose and employees’ attitude may be changed as per the expectation of management.

Career planning and development: For personal growth and career development employee needs career planning. Training and development program is one of the most effective counseling methods. It creates motivation among the employees.

Loyalty: Usually employees want to be loyal to the management, employer. But some of them do not know the actual way of loyalty. Training and development can help them in this regard.

Reduction of labor turnover: Through participation in training and development programs, employees are convinced about their dunes and responsibilities and ways to solve the problem. The turnover rate may thus be reduced.

Productivity: Another objective of training and development is to increase productivity through the use of skill, efficiency, and more committed employees.

Quality: Quality of goods and services is the permanent asset of the organization. Trained employees can increase the quality of goods and services.

Development of self-confidence: Successful change describes the change of self-confidence. If employees accept the change easily and try to implement the plan of action limitedly, it becomes easier for management.