Importance of Staffing

Importance of Staffing

Staffing has been described as the managerial function of filling and keeping filled the positions in the organization structure. It is of utmost importance for the organization that right kinds of people are employed.

Need: In any organization, there is a need for people to perform work. The staffing function of management fulfills this requirement and finds the right people for the right job. Basically, staffing fills the positions as shown in the organization structure.

Importance: Human resources are the foundation of any business. The right people can help you take your business to the top; the wrong people can break your business. Hence, staffing is the most fundamental and critical drive of organizational performance. The staffing function has assumed greater importance these days because of the rapid advancement of technology, increasing size of organization and complicated behavior of human beings.

The ability of an organization to achieve its goal depends upon the quality of its human resources. Therefore, staffing is a very important managerial function. No organization can be successful unless it can fill and keep filled the various positions provided for in the structure with the right kind of people.

In short;

  • Staffing is the key to the efficient performance of other functions of management.
  • It is the human factor that is instrumental in the effective utilization of latest material, that the management can ensure the right kinds of personnel by performing the staffing function.
  • The management is required to determine the manpower requirements well in advance.
  • The right type of climate should be created for the workers to contribute to the achievement of the organizational objectives.