Historical Point of View in Pollution

Historical Point of View in Pollution

Historical Point of View in Pollutions

Pollution is not a new phenomenon. It is the process of making land, water, air or other parts of the environment dirty and not safe or suitable to use. The historical point of view in pollution may be classified by following a way that is given below:-

(a) Natural pollution: Naturally polluted by air and water when dust storms toss dirt and the natural forest fires cost a pall of smoke over mountain valleys, and lighting creates certain chemical compounds. The water is naturally polluted by agricultural.

(b) Industrial revolution: Pollution is to be occurred by industrial revolution. When industrial revolution or industrialization of any city then the society are must be pollution by its worker, transportation, and other causes.

(c) Higher standard of living: a Higher standard of living can increase the pollution. When people fulfill his demand to buy more goods or product including a packet then more wastage thing is polluted. People have required a care for a higher standard of living this care also polluted.

(d) Population explosion: When any country populations are increasing then the country must be polluted because the large population is the cause of pollution in air and water.