Various tools of Security Management

Various tools of Security Management

Security management refers to the protection of organizations systems, network and information assets from security threats. It is a management field that focuses on the safety of resources in the organization, i.e. both physical safety and digital security.

Various tools of security management: There are various tools of security management. These are as follows –

1) Virtual private networks;

2) Firewalls;

3) Networks security protocols;

4) Encryptions;

5) Security software tools;

6) Access control;

7) Proxy agent/system;

8) Authentication;

9) Intrusion detection;

The goal of security management is the accuracy, integrity, and safety of all information system process and resources. Thus effective security management can minimize errors fraud and losses and information system that interconnect today’s companies and their customer, suppliers and other stockholders. IT security management (ITSM) intends to guarantee the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of an organization’s data, information, and IT services. The need for security management is being driven by both the increasing threat of cyber crime and the growing use of the internet to link companies with partners and customers.