Meaning of Minute in Business Meeting

Meaning of Minute in Business Meeting

Meaning of Minute

The dictionary meaning of minute is “a note or memorandum to assist the memory.” In corporate affairs, “minutes” is known as recording the proceedings of meeting. Minute is an official written statement of the motions and resolutions taken in a meeting. In other words, the written records of discussions held and decisions made at a meeting are called minutes. The objective of writing minutes is to preserve a concise and accurate official record of the discussion held in the meeting.

According to Rajendra Pal & korlahalli, “Minutes are the official records of the proceedings of meeting.”

Quible and others defined, “Minutes are a written record of important decisions and actions taken at a meeting.”

Finally, we can conclude those minutes are official records of business transacted in a meeting. The secretary of the company generally writes minutes. It is a legal requirement for public limited companies to keep minutes of the board meetings, committee meetings and annual general meeting.