General Purposes of Interview

General Purposes of Interview

General Purposes of Interview

Every interview has its own purpose. However, the general purpose of all types of interviews are as follows:

To exchange information: Interview is a kind of communication. One of its main purposes is to exchange information. Through interview, the interviewer can obtain information from the interviewee and can provide information to the interviewee.

To increase understanding: Interview acts as a mechanism of discussion on any specific topic. Through such discussion, the parties concerned can increase their level of understanding.

To persuade: Another important objective of interview is to persuade the interviewees to act in a particular way. As a result, consensus can be created in the organization easily

To solve problems: Through discussion and exchanging information, interview attempts to solve problems. By means of interview, the interviewer can get an insight into the opinions, feelings, and attitudes of the interviewee. As a result, solution of problems becomes easier.

To monitor performance: Employee performance can also be monitored or evaluated through arranging menses. For this purpose, managers conduct performance appraisal interview.

To advise: Interview also has the objective of giving necessary advice and suggestion so that people can work according to the plan.

To counsel: Providing counsel to employees who are suffering from mental problems is another objective of interview. Though face-to-face conversation, the reasons for mental complexities can be identified and probable remedial measures can be suggested.