Importance of Cooperative Society

Importance of Cooperative Society

Importance of Cooperative Society

Cooperative society was originated from the word of co-operating which indicates assistance. Society means association or collection of a group of people. Most of the populations in developing countries are less rich. So, there is huge problem among small producers, Maker, Artist, labor and so on.

In this perspective, the cooperative has a great importance with a view to peace, prosperity, and social development in developing country. The importance is as follow:

Creation of strong unity and self-realization: “Unity is strength” is the key point of cooperative society. It helps to the members of society and tries to remove sorrows, brings strong unity, welcome peace, and prosperity in the society. People are well known and aware of the contribution of cooperation in the economy and social development.

Establishment of the large scale of business: Cooperative society has a strong role to establish large ask at business. Various kinds of professional persons can be united with a view to establishing the large scale of business as well as can be ensured their oven prosperity also national prosperity as well.

Teaching morality: Industrial people of developing countries are engaged in various kinds of immortalized activities. By forming cooperative society these poor and general people can be growl as well as can be taught morality in practicing business and personal life.

Improvement of skill: A lot of productive programs are taken by cooperative society with a view to improving the members and society. Consequently, they may be more skilled and efficient manpower of the country.

Creating a habit of savings and formation of capital: Cooperative society creates the curiosity of caving money in the lower level people of the society which has a great positive impact on the entire country.

Creation of loan facility: It creates a lot of scopes due to ensure loan facility in order to emancipate to the members from the greedy lenders. Consequently, they can contribute to the country.

Reducing malpractice of middleman: Small producers of our country knock the door of the middlemen to collect the elements of production and sell the products for the lack of ability. As a result, they sell their products to the middlemen at a lower price against optimum price. To get rid of such kind of malpractice cooperative society takes steps strongly.

The solution of unemployment problem: Cooperative society elves the direction to exploit the profession. As a result, it creates a lot of new projects which remove unemployment.

Poverty alleviation: Creating the consciousness and operates the movement among the low earner people of the society, remove the poverty among these mass people. Cooperative society has a great role to operate such campaign.

Removing professional obstacles: Small professional people face various kinds of negative pressure in all entries. This custom is present in our country also. But the formation of cooperative society, victim people gathers them and takes strong effective steps to face these problems.

By considering above importance, we can say that cooperative society is badly needed for the creation of expected light among the loves earner people of the country.