Meaning of Communication Media

Meaning of Communication Media

Meaning of Communication Media

Communication media refer to the ways, means or channels of transmitting message from sender to the receiver. Communication media indicate the use of verbal or non-verbal language in the process of communication. Without language, none can communicate. Whenever communication takes place, media are used there. In telecommunication, these means are transmission and storage tools or channels for data storage and transmission. So communication media are regarded as an integral part of communication process.

  • According to Defleur and Dennis, “A medium is a device for moving information through time or space.”
  • Bartol & Martin defined. “The medium of communication is the method used to convey the message to the intended receiver.”

Finally, we can conclude that media of communication are the ways, channels, or means that are employed in establishing communication. The communicator develops message and sends it to the receiver through a medium.

Types of Communication Media or Methods of communication:

Media of communication mean methods or ways that are used in transmitting message from sender to receiver. Media of communication mainly relates to the use of language in communication. Based on the language used, communication media can broadly be categorized into two types: Verbal media and Non verbal media. Various media of communication are shown in the following diagram:

  1. Verbal Communication: When information is exchanged through words, it is called verbal communication. Verbal communication may be of two types: written and oral communication.
  2. Non-verbal communication: When communication is done without using any spoken or written word, it is termed as non-verbal communication. Non-verbal communication takes place through pictures, symbols, gesture, posture, action etc.