Separation: Definition and Forms

Separation: Definition and Forms

Separation: Separation is a decision that the individual and the organization should part. It may be initiated by the employer or employee and it may be motivated by disciplinary, economic, business or personal reason. The employee may also be separated due to the expiration of an employment contract or as part of the downsizing of the workforce.

Several forms of separation: Several forms of separation are as follows –

Temporary leave of absence: Employees sometime to leave their job temporary. The reasons include medical, family, educational, requisition and other need notice. The reasons may also include birth or adoption carrying.

Attrition: Attrition is the normal separation of people from an organization as a result of resignation, retirement, or death. It is initiated by the individual worker, not by the company.

Layoff: Layoff entire the separation of employees from the organization for economic or business reasons. If it occurs because of restructurings such as downsizing or manager and acquisition layoff may be could permanent. Lay off results in a great loss to the organization as they had to suffer all the expenses of selection, placement, and training.

Termination: Employees may be separated from the termination of the employment relation. Termination is a board term that occurs permanent separation from the organization for many reasons. Usually, termination implies that the person was fired as a form or discipline.