How companies are creating business value from e-business application?

How companies are creating business value from e-business application?

E-business in the use of internet technologies to work and computer business process. E-commerce and enterprise collaboration within a company and with its customer, suppliers and other business stakeholders. Many businesses today are using internet technologies to web-enabled business process and create innovative e-business application. The Internet and related networks Internet and extranet have become the primary information technologies infrastructure that supports the e-business application of many companies or enterprise. For example, a customer making an online order but picking it up at the brick-and-mortar store is an example of an e-commerce transaction. These company relay on e-business application to –

  1. Re-engineer internet business process;
  2. Implement e-commerce system with their customers and suppliers;
  3. Promote enterprise collaboration among business teams and workgroups.

Enterprise collaboration system involves the use of software tools to support, communication, coordination and collaboration among the members of network teams and workgroups.

A business may use internets, intranets and extranets and other networks to implements such System. E-commerce is the buying, selling, marketing and servicing of products, services and information over a Verity of a computer network. Many businesses now use the internet, Intranet, extranet and another network to support every step of the commercial process.