Forces that Influence Project Management

Forces that Influence Project Management

Project management is a systematic process of planning, organizing, analyzing, implementing, and controlling of project’s to ensure the best possible use of resources. It is the application of knowledge, skills, and techniques to execute projects effectively and efficiently

There are some forces which influence the project management. These are as follows:-

Expansion of knowledge: The expansion of knowledge allows an increasing number of academic disciplines to be used in solving problems associated with the development, production, and distribution of goods and services.

Continuing demand: Satisfying the continuing demand for more complex and customized products and services depend on our ability to make product design.

Worldwide market forces: The worldwide market force include culture and environment differences in managerial decision making about what, where, when and how to produce and distribute output.

Social forces: Social force is the intense competition among institutions both and non-profit, fostering by economic system resulting in an organizational crusade.

Cultural forces: Culture may from nation to nation and country to country. Culture influences the project management significantly.

Environmental forces: Environment means the economical political situation and attitude of the people in a country.

Technological forces: Technology can do anything the fact is; this assumption is reasonably true within the bound of nature’s fundamental laws.