Advantages of E-mail

Advantages of E-mail

Advantages of E-mail

E-mail is the most widely used medium of electronic communication. People use this mail not only for business purposes but also for social and personal affairs. The rate of using electronic mail is increasing day by day across the world. The reasons for its growing popularity are discussed below:

Time saving: It is a highly fast method of exchanging information. Through e-mail, people can transmit message within minutes. As a result, both sender and receiver can save their time. The managers of ‘Digital Equipment Corporation’ indicate that they save about seven hours per week because their electronic mail system has increased the speed of decision making.

Communicating large volume of information: People can send large volume of information with the help of e-mail. Through e-mail, one can attach writings of hundred pages easily.

Preservation of message: E-mail message is automatically stored in the recipient’s computer until he/she reads the message. This allows the recipient to read the message at his/her convenient time.

Quick decision making: It helps to make quick decision. Since e-mail allows people to exchange information very quickly they can take quick decision.

Cost Saving: It is cheap in nature. It takes only a fractional amount of the cost of posting a letter.

Communicating with unavailable people: Another important advantage of e-mail is that it provides the opportunity of sending message even when the receiver is not available. Because the message will be stored in the receiver’s computer.

Flexibility: It provides flexibility in communication. A message can be sent to more than one person at a time only by changing receiver’s address.

Overcoming the time and distant barriers: It provides the opportunity of sending messages to distant people. Through e-mail, one can send messages at anywhere in the world very quickly. Thus, e-mail overcomes the time and distance barriers.

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