Ultimatum and Warning Letter

Ultimatum and Warning Letter

Ultimatum and warning letter:

This is the final stage of the dunning letter series. If the customer does not respond to any one of the previous letters, then the ultimatum letter is sent. A distinct feature of this letter is that it indicates possible legal action unless payment is made promptly. In this letter, the customer is given a deadline for payment. At the same time, this letter conveys the possible legal action or consequence if the customer fails to meet the deadline.

You may follow following rules:

  • Make sure that you pen down details appropriately and accurately in the warning letter. State in easy and plain language the basis and the cause behind issuing such a warning letter. The warning letter should read out the accurate cause with adequate support and proof.
  • Warning letter should be definite with all the particulars and incidents properly mentioned. The letter should be to the point, direct and the accurate incident with particulars, figures, date and time, and the rule or the circumstance the employee has failed to abide by should be evidently stated in the letter.
  • A warning letter should not only include the reason and the cause of the letter being sent, but it should also notify the employee about what is predictable out of him/her in future. You can plainly state the regulation or the guideline which the employee has failed to follow.
  • The warning letter should come down to an exacting termination. State plainly the time by which you want an affirmative reaction from the employee. The time period should be to check the employee’s improvement in the stipulated time and based on that, a decision should be taken.