The greatness of Haji Mohammad Mohsin

The greatness of Haji Mohammad Mohsin

The greatness of Haji Mohammad Mohsin

Hazi Mohammad Mohsin was a kind man. He helped people in many ways. He was famous for his kindness. One night Hazi Mohammad Mohsin was saying his prayer in his darkroom. It was midnight. The room was quite silent. Mohsin was in deep meditation of Allah. At that time a thief broke into his room. He caught hold of the thief.

The thief got nervous and began to tremble with fear. He thought that Mohsin would beat him to death or hand over him to the police for imprisonment. He fell at the feet of Mohsin and begged him for mercy with tears in his eyes. He entreated Mohsin, again and again, to set him free.

Mohsin did not beat the thief. He patiently listened to what he said. “Why do you steal?” Mohsin asked the thief “Don’t you know that stealing is a great sin?”

“Sir, I know it.” the thief said weeping, “But I can’t but steal. My children have been going on without food for days together. I could not give them any food. I tried my best to get work or earn money in an honest way but I got no work. I got no money to buy them food. I couldn’t see my children die of starvation before my eyes. Thus, I took the course. Please let me go this time.”

At his entreaty, Mohsin was moved to pity and said, “I’ll set you free and I’ll give you money too but on one condition.”

“What’s the condition?” the thief asked Mohsin very quickly. “Please tell me. I’ll do whatever you ask me to do.”

“Better die of starvation than steal,” said Mohsin to the thief. “It is an evil way of life. You must give it up. You must promise me that you will never steal in the future but live an honest life. Then I’ll set you free and give money to start a shop. If you work honestly, you can earn money to buy food for you and the members of your family.”

The man was pleased enough and thanked Mohsin with all his heart. The thief was struck with wonder and said, “O, noble sir, I’ve no words to express my gratitude, May Allah bless you.” Taking the money the thief went home and started a shop. Then he went away for his home. He became an honest businessman. He promised that he would never steal. From that day he gives up stealing. He was grateful to Hazi Mohammad Mohsin for his help and generosity.