Money cannot Buy Happiness

Money cannot Buy Happiness

Money cannot buy happiness

Once there lived a happy cobbler who passed his days in working and singing from morning till night. A rich neighbor of his was a banker who one day asked him how much he earned per year.

The cobbler replied positively that he earned enough to meet the demands of his family. The rich neighbor again told him that he was very sorry for him and added that he was sure to lead a distressing life. The cobbler straightly replied that he was accustomed to such a simple life. He further said that with the income he had, he was happy.

The next day the rich banker again came to visit the cobbler. He came with ten thousand taka in a bag. He told the poor cobbler that he (n) had asked him to receive the money. The cobbler was greatly surprised. At first he refused to take the money. The rich man told him that he could use the money in times of difficulties. The cobbler took the bag of money from the rich man and thanked him.

Now a new thinking took hold of the cobbler. He said to himself. “Ten thousand taka is a lot of money”. He could not think where to keep the money. He did not find any safe place to keep the bag. He dug a hole in his hut and kept the money there. But he always thought that his money could be stolen any time. This thought kept him awake and his sleep fled away at night. He even could not devote himself to his work. As a result, his life became more miserable. Peace and happiness vanished from his life. The cobbler gradually realized that he had money, but no peace of mind.