The Dove and the Ant

The Dove and the Ant

Moral Story: The dove and the ant

Once, getting very thirsty, an ant went near a stream to drink water but unfortunately it was carried- away to the deep water by a sudden wave. A dove was sitting on a tree beside the stream. It saw the ant. Then it plucked a leaf and threw it into the stream The ant got on the leaf and came to the bank of the stream. It thanked the dove for saving his life. The ant promised to help the dove.

One day the dove was sitting on the same tree. There was a hunter. The hunter aimed at the dove. The ant saw it. When the hunter was about to shoot the dove, the ant bit him in the leg. The hunter missed his aim. At this moment the dove flew away. Thus the ant saved the life of the dove also. Both of them became good friends. They promised to help each other in their joy and sorrow. From reading this story we learn that we should help others in their distress.

Moral: One good turn begets another.