Short Note on Ruben Browning

Ruben Browning is a famous poet. He was born on May 7, 1812. He was educated at home under his father’s guidance. His father encouraged him to build up his career. In 1831 Browning left England and visited Russia. On his return, he published his first book of poetry “Paracelsus” in 1835. “Paracelsus” drew the attention of the people. About this time he became acquainted with Elizabeth Barret. Their relation developed gradually. They married in 1846. Mrs. Elizabeth Barret became physically ill. Therefore she had to live in Italy all her life for health reasons. She died at Florence in 1861. In 1864 his series of “Men and Women” was published.

Born: 7 May, 1812; Camberwell, London, England

Died: 12 December 1889 (aged 77); Venice, Italy

Occupation: Poet

Notable works: Men and Women, The Ring and the Book, Dramatis Personae, Dramatic Lyrics, Dramatic Romances and Lyrics, Asolando etc.