Story of Sheikh Sa’adi and His Dress

Sheikh Saadi was a great Persian poet. He was simple in his ways of life. Once he was invited to the emperor’s palace. He set out for the emperor’s palace in ordinary dress. On the way, he took shelter in a courtier’s house. The courtier and his men did not show much honor and hospitality to him. On his way back home, Saadi again took shelter in the same courtier’s house. This time he put on gorgeous dress. The courtier received him cordially and entertained him with rich and delicious foods. Now Saadi began to put his foods in the pockets of his dress. The courtier’s men were surprised to see this. They asked, “Why are you putting the foods in your pickets?” Saadi replied. “My dress deserves this food.”

The courtier understood his fault and begged the poet’s pardon.